Kurt Noble


If Kurt's not busy closing sales or taking care of the general financial architecture of KNI, then he's probably waist-deep in the frothy melange of day-to-day client engagement duties at KNI.

During off-hours, when he's not at his desk you can probably spot him enjoying some Guitar playing in Dolores or Golden Gate Park, accompanied by his little dynamo, Stella, or perhaps taking a walk with his wife, Kate, somewhere out by the beach.


Michael Eades


Labor'r of love, tend'rest of beards
Mired in scriptures maintained o'er years.
O'er ashes of farm, moustached mouth cries:
"Whence Elliot fall, phoenix doth rise!"

Of animal and plant, studied in both
To wizard of code, sound library's growth!
None finer gentlement come round my yew tree,
Scribed the legend of olde Yew Knee.


Arlo Jamrog


Born from the wilds of a blistery Nor'easterly village, Arlo braved the elements of opposition in search of an apprenticeship in the tutelage of masonry, physiology and Norse mythology.

After years of focused study he sought warmer, inhabited lands to the west where he found solace in the wine of the bean, foreign language development, creative tinkering, and mouthing off.


Eric Krueger


Eric can usually be found coding in actionscript or animating anything within reach with varying success.

He usually spends time reading books, riding bikes, drawing and painting, guitar heroing, sitting very still, and not updating his website. He has brown hair and answers to "Eric". Please call if you find him, or have any information. $4 Reward.


Jack Lukic


Jack is of all trades. Recently he has been spending his time managing style sheets, creating mockups and prototypes, and formulating new forms of user interaction.

Jack has lived in both America and its hat. He makes laptop music, lives on the edge, and will never get enough 808 cowbell.


Kate Haug


When not performing accounting, human resource duties, and other office magic for KNI, Kate is a writer and occasional experimental filmmaker whose films have screened at various festivals including Moma's New Directors/New Films, The London International Film Festival, and the Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival. She is currently finishing a novel set in 1971.


Daniel Box

Mess Cook

Daniel spends most of his day in photoshop working on site concepts, designing layouts, or story-boarding for motion. Lately, though, he's jumped on the CSS bandwagon, and has had some fun getting his hands dirty in HTML again.

He likes biking around town, taking photos, playing random sports, eating delicious sandwiches, and making movies with his friends.


Michael Madrid


When Michael isn't busy coding, he enjoys: participating in billiards, snowboarding, frisbee and other fun outdoor athletics like baseball, tennis and golf and acrylic painting. He won first place in the LAPD Golf Tournament in 2000.

BTW, Ladies: Michael is currently absolutely happy, thrilled and completely cool about being single -- yes, he's available!

Bio 100% Unapproved by Madrid. Written by Demetre Arges.



Cabin Boy

When not lounging around the KNI SF office and providing general amusement to the entire crew, here, Stella enjoys having a ball on the beach, or a ball right outside the office. And anyone who has spent some serious time with her is well acquainted with her passion for frisbees, tug o' wars and, of course, lounging in bed on a sunday morning. She's an indispensable part of life in and outside of KNI.